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The 7 Best Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes

We tested seven highly rated vacuum storage bags to determine which one held its airtight seal and was the easiest to use. The best overall vacuum storage bag is Spacesaver, the original vacuum sealed bag. Its efficient hand pump proved just as effective as a vacuum cleaner, and the bag remained completely sealed during our week of testing. For a great budget option, GONGSHI storage bags were a little trickier to use, but they also stayed airtight, and the number of bags you get in a package makes them an excellent value too.

Our Top Choices

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Amazon Basics

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We tested seven highly rated vacuum storage bags to determine which one held its airtight seal and was the easiest to use. The best overall vacuum storage bag is Spacesaver, the original vacuum sealed bag. Its efficient hand pump proved just as effective as a vacuum cleaner, and the bag remained completely sealed during our week of testing. For a great budget option, GONGSHI storage bags were a little trickier to use, but they also stayed airtight, and the number of bags you get in a package makes them an excellent value too.

The 7 vacuum storage bags we tested

ProductPriceAirtight SealPump EffectivenessSturdy Zipper LockValue
Amazon Basics$$10/1010/1010/108/10
Storage Master$$10/107/1010/109/10
Simple Houseware$$1/105/101/107/10

Important features to consider

Vacuum storage bags are a must-have for storing seasonal use items in a small space. Made of durable, lightweight polypropylene plastic, they come in four or five different sizes and can hold sweaters, blankets, comforters, towels, or any bulky fabrics, which are then sealed inside and compressed flat by removing air with a vacuum cleaner hose or a hand pump.

Most brands claim that their bags decrease volume by 80 percent, which then makes the deflated bags easy to store in a closet, attic, garage, or even under the bed. So you could potentially save a lot more space than only separating your clothes out into large storage containers. Vacuum sealer bags are also ideal for protecting woolens from moths and all fabrics from mold and mildew.


3 vacuum bag sizes

Almost all storage bags are available in certain sizes: jumbo or extra large (approximately 30″ x 40″), large (24″ x 32″), medium (20″ x 28″), and small (16″ x 24″). They can be purchased one size per package or a combination of sizes per package. A few brands offer a travel size, which are designed to fit carry-on luggage. The travel size, however, is not a vacuum sealer bag; it’s basically a large Ziploc bag that you need to squeeze out the air as you roll the clothes inside into a cylinder.

Zipper lock

zipper lock on vacuum bag

Vacuum storage bags have a large zipper lock, exactly like a food storage bag but twice as strong. It’s sealed by running a plastic clip along the length of the zipper lock. The better-constructed bags, like our top picks, Spacesaver, GONGSHI, and Amazon Basics, can be sealed with one or — at the most — two zips without needing to reinforce the seal with your fingers. In these bags’ cases, the zipper locks and clips were sturdily made and sealed tightly. Other bags we tested had flimsy zipper locks, and we needed to run the clip over the zipper four or five times as well as press the seal together with our fingers.

Hand pump

hand pump for air removal in vacuum bag

Most of the vacuum storage bags we tested came with a hand pump that you would use when traveling or when a vacuum isn’t at hand. All are made of plastic — a few had a metal plunger rod — and measure approximately 8″ in length and 2″ in diameter. The pump is screwed into the sealer valve (if you were using a vacuum, the hose is placed over the valve), and with a series of rapid pumps, air is removed from the bag. With the jumbo or extra large bags, the hand pumps were pretty useless and tiring to use, since a lot of elbow grease was required. However, overall, with all other bag sizes, the pumps were easier to use and were mostly effective in sealing the bags in a couple of minutes.

Fabric wrinkling

When the bag is vacuum-sealed, the plastic often shrink wraps tightly around the fabrics. When the bag is opened, the fabric is deeply wrinkled in the areas the plastic touched. You will also notice an impression of the valve on the fabric. Pillows and comforters weren’t affected, but all the clothing we sealed were wrinkled by the bags and needed to be steamed or fluffed in a drier.

How we tested

We tested seven vacuum sealer bags in various sizes by stuffing them with pillows, comforters, towels, sweaters, and bulky clothes and then sealing them either with the brand’s included hand pump or with a vacuum cleaner hose. (Generally, the vacuum cleaner was the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way for sealing the bags airtight.) Once sealed, we checked the bags on a daily basis for a week to see if any showed signs of inflation, i.e., the seal hadn’t held, and air had leaked in. During our testing period, characteristics of vacuum bags came to the forefront.



Spacesaver vacuum storage bag

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Spacesaver makes the claim that their bag is the original vacuum storage bag, and indeed, it has many copycats that appear to be exact replicas. Spacesaver comes in five sizes, with two, three, five, or eight bags to a packet, and a hand pump is included. We stuffed a large Spacesaver bag (24″ x 32″) with bulky towels and zipped it shut. The zip clip was a bit stiff in running it across the zipper, but it sealed the bag the first time without our having to re-do it.

The Spacesaver hand pump screws tightly into the triple-seal valve, and it quickly sucked out air as efficiently as a vacuum cleaner. We checked the bag daily during our week-long testing period, and it showed no signs of leakage. When we unsealed it, the towels had wrinkles and an impression of the valve, which proved how completely the bag had been vacuum-sealed. We did, however, need to fluff the towels in a drier to remove the wrinkles. Spacesaver is a small U.S. company and is the only brand that offers a full refund after 30 days and has a lifetime replacement policy should a bag prove faulty.



Gongshi clothing storage bag

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GONGSHI is one of the copycat vacuum storage bags, but it’s an excellent alternative to our top choice and also a great value. The GONGSHI bags come in various sizes and packages from 10 to 12 bags per package. We tested the four-size 12 pack that has three small bags (16″ x 24″), three medium (20″ x 28″), three large (24″ x 32″, and three jumbo (30″ x 40″), which, for our testing, comfortably held two large 17″ x 26″ pillows. The separately packaged zipper clips sealed smoothly with one or two zips.

The GONGSHI bags come with the hand pump, which is a bit flimsy but worked fine with the smaller bags though it wasn’t as good with the jumbo bag. In fact, we gave up pumping and sealed it with a vacuum cleaner. The sealer valve is slightly smaller than other bags, so we had to press the vacuum hose firmly over the valve before air was removed. As with Spacesaver, the GONGSHI bags lost no air over a week’s time. The GONGSHI bags are well-priced and for the number of bags you get in each package — along with the pump — they’re a great value.


Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics vacuum storage bag

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The Amazon Basics vacuum storage bags have all the attributes of our top choices. They’re available in medium, large, and jumbo in packages of six. However, the multiple pack (four or five of all three sizes) comes in a 12 pack — which is more expensive than GONGSHI’s 12 pack — and a 15 pack. The Amazon bags are also made in China and are of the same good quality as GONGSHI.

The included pump, however, is sturdier and efficiently vacuum-sealed a jumbo bag (30″ x 40″) in just a couple of minutes without much effort. The seal held firm during our week’s testing and when we removed the bulky towels we had sealed inside, they had fewer wrinkles than the fabrics we sealed in the Spacesaver and GONGSHI bags.


Storage Master

Storage Master vacuum sealer bags

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Despite Storage Master’s claim that its bags have five layers of plastic, we were hard-pressed to find them. The bags are no thicker than the other bags we tested, but it does have a unique crinkly embossing that, in our testing, seemed to adhere — almost like shrink wrapping — more snugly to the fabrics inside the bag. The zipper and zipper clip are sturdier than the other bags, and the bag was sealed after running the clip along the zipper once.

The bags are decorated with a blue plaid pattern, and a matching hand pump is included. The pump is quite substantial and isn’t as flimsy as the others we tested, but we did find it arduous to use, requiring lots of strength and elbow grease to deflate the bag. The Storage Master bag retained its vacuum seal for the testing period, but when we opened the bag, the clothes inside were deeply wrinkled. The Storage Master bags come in five sizes, including a travel size for rolling up clothes into compact packages for a suitcase.



BoxLegend vacuum storage bag

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Except for the labelling, the BoxLegend clothing storage bags are identical to the Amazon Basics bags. We tested the combo package that has two jumbos, two larges, two mediums, and two smalls. We did find it irritating that the sizes aren’t printed on the bags and had to drag out the tape measure to determine which size was which.

That gripe aside, the zip clip secured the zipper tightly with only one try. A hand pump is not included, so we sealed them with a vacuum, and it took only 15 seconds to deflate. The bags held the vacuum sealed, and when we opened them, we were pleasantly surprised that the clothes inside weren’t wrinkled at all. If you don’t care about the hand pump, the BoxLegend bags are affordable and a good value.



HiBag vacuum storage bag

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The HIbag vacuum storage bags only come in boxed combinations — 10, 15, 20, and 28 bags to a box — with five sizes: jumbo, large, medium, small, and roll-up (travel). As noted earlier, the roll-up bags, in our opinion, defeat the purpose of a vacuum sealer bag. It’s simply a large Ziploc bag that you need to squeeze out the air as you’re rolling up clothes into a cylinder.

The HIbag comes with adhesive labels for recording contents and date, which we thought was a nice touch — and the exact same blue hand pump as the Storage Master bag. The pump seemed not as well-made, however, so we sealed the jumbo bag with a vacuum. But the bag never quite sealed completely — perhaps because the zipper was so flimsy — and during our testing period, it had slightly inflated.


Simple Houseware

Simple Houseware vacuum storage bag

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The Simple Houseware vacuum storage bags have over 25,000 mostly positive reviews on Amazon, so we had high hopes for this product. The extra large bags we tested measure 26.5″ x 39.5″; however, the stop fill line is 7″ deep — the most of any bag we tested — so that subtracts from the actual length and amount the bag can be filled.

The zipper was very tricky to seal, and we had to repeatedly close it, using the zip clip and our fingers. Simple Houseware seems aware of this problem, since instructions say the zipper needs to be zipped three or four times. Of course, it bears asking why not just replace the slipshod zipper with a better one?Read more…

Hundreds of reviews also mention that the bags are great for short-term storage but don’t hold up over the long term. Since a hand pump isn’t included, we sealed the bags with a vacuum. The seal, however, didn’t even hold up overnight, and by the end of the week, the bags had almost completely deflated.

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