The Best Water & Coffee Products

Hydration is serious business! These can be products you’ll use throughout the day, every day of the week. Whether you’re looking to just sip on water at home, or tote around a special container for hot coffee on your commute or for drinking in the office, we’ve got you covered.

  • best one gallon water bottles
    The Best 1-Gallon Water Bottles

    Toba - 1-Gallon Plastic Water Bottle

    If you want to stay hydrated and need something to help you track daily water intake, consider using gallon water bottles. We tested eight-gallon water bottles in different shapes, designs, insulation levels, and prices to figure out the best way to carry more than enough water for your daily recommended serving.

  • group of best glass water bottles
    The 9 Best Glass Water Bottles

    Ello - Syndicate

    Glass water bottles are a great option for getting hydrated if you prefer cleaner-tasting water and want to avoid plastic. We tested nine glass bottles and tumblers for several months to find the best-designed and easiest-to-use glass water bottle.

  • pouring water into Ember Mugs
    Ember Mug² Review

    Ember Mug²

    If you, like many other people, are prone to ‘coffee sipping,’ you probably don’t finish it before it turns warm, then lukewarm, then undrinkable. Microwaving your…

  • Coffee Ratio Calculator


    Brewing coffee is an art form. But, understanding your taste is the first step to making a quality cup. Determine if you like your coffee strong,…

  • Hydro Flask next to Yeti insulated bottles
    Hydro Flask vs Yeti: Which Is Better?


    We’ve been testing water bottles, travel mugs, and other beverage containers for four years, and the comparison people are always asking about is YETI vs. Hydro…

  • The best alkaline water pitchers
    The Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers

    Brita - Longlast

    After consulting health experts and testing the water from four alkaline water filter pitchers, we don't think any of them are worth buying. Even if you're not buying it for health benefits, the best alkaline water pitcher manufacturer doesn't (or can't) tell you what's in their filters.

  • The Best Nespresso Compatible Capsules

    We tested eight popular brands of Nespresso-compatible capsules to determine which one brewed espresso that was equal to or better than the Nespresso brand. We chose Cap’Mundo as the best variety, Delicitaly as the most authentic-tasting and Peet’s as the most eco-friendly.

  • The best beer koozies
    The Best Beer Koozies

    Thermos - 2700TRI6

    After comparing eight top-selling beer coolers in an all-day insulation test, we found that the best beer koozie overall is the Thermos - 2700TRI6.

  • Illustration for tea stats
    Tea Consumption & Industry Statistics in 2021


    It’s almost unfair how much tea dominates the market in terms of popularity, revenue, growth, and emerging new specialty categories. But given it’s been around since…

  • boy going through recycling
    Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Your Home


    Do you recycle at home? According to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, 94 percent of the U.S. population has a recycling program available to them. Therefore, if…

  • drip coffee makers - group of 5 tested machines
    The 6 Best Drip Coffee Makers

    OXO - Barista Brain

    After 50+ hours of researching, testing, tasting coffee, and even more analyzing consumers' concerns, we found the OXO - On Barista Brain to be best drip coffee maker with a modern design and delicious brew.

  • group of all tested travel mugs
    The Best Travel Mugs

    Thermos - Sipp

    We filled, drained, cleaned, and tried to break 13 travel mugs over multiple weeks to find the CamelBak Forge to be the best travel mug that performed well in all the tests.

  • The Best Electric Kettles

    Hamilton Beach - 41020

    After 55 hours of research and testing, we found that the recently released Hamilton Beach - 41020 was the best electric kettle. Our runner-up, the T-fal - BF6138, is a compact, budget model for smaller kitchens and living spaces.

  • The Best French Press Coffee Makers


    The SterlingPro's great construction and ability to keep a cup of coffee hotter for longer made it our choice for the best French press amongst other solid contenders. For a classic-style French press, we also recommend the Bodum - Chambord

  • The Best Whiskey Stones

    Balls of Steel

    We spent more than 45 hours testing, sipping, and analyzing the best whiskey stones on the market to determine that Balls of Steel handily leads the pack.