The Best Health Products

Health products really span a variety of categories, from physical fitness, nutrition, hydration, and even a good night’s rest. We are extremely picky about these products since it affects our well being. We even consulted health experts for many of these products prior to testing and even before purchasing to help us find the best health products for a happier, healthier life.

  • ClassPass logo
    How Does ClassPass Work & Is It Worth It?


    Since 2013, ClassPass has changed the exercise game by offering people access to studios and workouts without the pricey commitment of dedicated monthly memberships to one…

  • best one gallon water bottles
    The Best 1-Gallon Water Bottles

    Toba - 1-Gallon Plastic Water Bottle

    If you want to stay hydrated and need something to help you track daily water intake, consider using gallon water bottles. We tested eight-gallon water bottles in different shapes, designs, insulation levels, and prices to figure out the best way to carry more than enough water for your daily recommended serving.

  • group of best glass water bottles
    The 9 Best Glass Water Bottles

    Ello - Syndicate

    Glass water bottles are a great option for getting hydrated if you prefer cleaner-tasting water and want to avoid plastic. We tested nine glass bottles and tumblers for several months to find the best-designed and easiest-to-use glass water bottle.

  • The best alkaline water pitchers
    The Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers

    Brita - Longlast

    After consulting health experts and testing the water from four alkaline water filter pitchers, we don't think any of them are worth buying. Even if you're not buying it for health benefits, the best alkaline water pitcher manufacturer doesn't (or can't) tell you what's in their filters.

  • The best knee brace
    The Best Knee Braces


    After putting seven top-rated knee braces through their paces, our testers chose the Bauerfeind - Sports Knee Support as the best knee brace for superior support and comfort.

  • The best sports bra
    The 13 Best Sports Bras

    Lululemon - Energy

    We asked 12 women with cup sizes ranging from A to DDD-plus to test and rate 11 top-rated sports bras, wearing them during weight lifting, running, HIIT and yoga sessions

  • testing the best massage tools
    The 12 Best Massage Tools

    PureWave - CM7

    We’ve tested dozens of devices for massaging virtually every part of the body at home, and here are our recommendations for the best massage tools.

  • The Best DNA Tests


    We conducted a year-long focus group of multiracial individuals to determine the best DNA test. We selected 23andMe as the most user-friendly in providing the most detailed information about ancestry. If you're looking to find living relatives, we also recommend AncestryDNA.

  • The best running shorts
    The 10 Best Running Shorts

    Patagonia - Strider Pro

    We interviewed experts and tested 10 top-rated designs to find the best running shorts. For men our favorite pair is the Patagonia - Strider Pro, and for women we picked the Oiselle - Toolbelt Roga.

  • The Best Weighted Vests


    We consulted with a personal trainer and run coach and tested five highly rated weighted vests. We chose the ZFOsports - Short Weighted Vest as the best weighted vest for strength training, Henkelion as the best for running and MIR as the best weighted vest for women.

  • The best beef jerky
    The Best Beef Jerkies

    Lucky Jerky

    To find the best beef jerky, our testers tried top brands side-by-side in blind tests. then ranked the top ten affordable choices. Lucky Jerky won us over with its simple recipe and chewy texture.

  • group of the best massage guns
    The Best Massage Guns

    No Cry Cordless

    We tested the five best percussive massage guns to determine which one gives the most relief to muscle strain and minor injury. We selected the No Cry - Cordless because of its ergonomic design and the Exerscribe - VYBE as a much less expensive Theragun alternative.

  • The Best-Tasting Protein Powders

    Optimum Nutrition

    We tested nine highly rated protein powders and determined that Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard 100% Whey was the best-tasting protein powder. We also liked BSN - Syntha-6 Whey as the best-tasting vanilla and Vega Sport as the best-tasting vegan protein powder.

  • The Best Protein Bars

    KIND - Bar

    Our panel of judges blind-tasted 19 highly rated, nutritious protein bars and chose the KIND bar as the best tasting protein bar, the Mighty Meat Bar as the best for weight loss, the RXBAR as the best for muscle gain and the Rise - Pea Protein Bar as the best clean bar.

  • The 8 Best Handheld Massagers

    Pado - PureWave - CM-07

    We tested eight highly rated handheld massagers to determine which one was the best for relieving localized muscle strain and selected the Pado - PureWave - CM07 as the most versatile. For our budget pick, we chose the Renpho - EM2016C.

  • The 7 Best Leg Massagers

    Renpho - RF-ALM070

    We tested leg massagers to find out which one is the best for relieving muscle pain, restless leg syndrome and edema. We chose the Renpho - RF-ALM070 as the best full-leg massager and the KonliKing as the best calf-foot massager.

  • The Best Back Massagers

    NURSAL - Massage Seat Cushion

    We consulted with a massage therapist and then tested nine back massagers. We chose the NURSAL - Massage Seat Cushion as the best back massager overall, the Mynt - Shiatsu Massage Pillow as the most portable back massager and the Pado - PureWave as the best handheld back massager.

  • The Best Stress Balls


    We gripped, squeezed and fidgeted with 12 highly-rated stress balls to pinpoint the ones that actually help relieve stress, sharpen focus and improve hand health. We selected Serenilite - Hand Therapy Ball as the best overall and the Revive Stress Ball as the best for helping ease anxiety.

  • The Best Bikini Trimmers

    Philips Norelco - GoStyler

    Our team tested eight highly rated bikini trimmers and bikini razors and selected the Philips Norelco - GoStyler, a men’s body trimmer with an easy-to-maneuver body and small trimmer head, the Veet - Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler and the Gillette - Mach3 Men’s Razor as the best bikini razor.

  • 16 types of formula
    The Best Baby Formula

    Parent's Choice

    After consulting doctors and government standards, we found that Parent's Choice is the best baby formula brand based on price, special options and ingredients.

  • group of the best yoga mats
    The Best Yoga Mats

    HeathYoga - Eco Friendly Non Slip

    After consulting yoga experts, we had seven yoga enthusiasts test eight mats for two weeks to find the best yoga mat in three categories, with winners from Heathyoga, Jade, and Aurorae brands.

  • Group of shoe insoles
    The Best Shoe Insoles

    Superfeet - GREEN

    We've spent hours walking, running and standing with the best insoles you can buy from the store. Ultimately, we've found that the Superfeet - GREEN are the best insoles for keeping your feet happy.