Pet Product Reviews

Being a parent to a fur baby comes with lots of rewards (cuddle sessions!), but it also means you’ll need things to care for your pet. This means food, treats, tools for cleaning, and things to keep your pet safe when you’re home and when you’re not. To help you save a whole lot of time, we called on actual cat and dog owners to chime in on tests to find the best pet products available.

  • best cat scratching posts
    The 8 Best Cat Scratchers

    SmartCat - Ultimate Scratching Post

    Save your furniture and buy a cat scratcher for your favorite household member. Scratching for cats helps groom their nails and mark their territory with scent. We tested eight popular cat scratchers to see which stood up to the test with six cats and their humans.

  • Litter-Robot 4 vs 3
    Litter-Robot 4 vs. 3 Comparison: We Tested Both!

    Litter-Robot 4

    After our positive experience with the Litter-Robot 3 Connect for many years, we were excited to test out the new Litter-Robot 4 to see if it could get any better. We tested the Litter-Robot 4 for over six months and compared this experience with our original Litter-Robot 3 Connect to see if it was worth the hefty price hike.

  • Litter Robot 4 setup with cat and litter
    Litter-Robot 4 Review: Cat-Testing a $700 Litter Box

    Litter-Robot 4

    Cleaning the litter box is one of the worst cat parent duties, but this self-cleaning litter box, Litter-Robot 4, will lighten that load. Whisker created the Litter-Robot to scoop up dirty litter automatically, so you don’t have to, and they even built a custom app that monitors your cat’s litter box usage and health! After using the Litter-Robot 3 Connect for over three years, we tested the Litter-Robot 4 for three months since October 2022 to see if it was worth the $699 price tag.

  • best cat toys
    The 19 Best Cat Toys

    Cat Dancer

    Playtime is important for all cats–you get a chance to engage and bond with your cat, but it keeps them healthy and active. We love to spoil our cats, but not every toy is made for every cat. After years of buying toys for our cats, we’ve finally narrowed down our favorites.

  • the best cat litter mats
    The 7 Best Cat Litter Mats

    CatGuru - Heavy Duty Cat Litter Mat

    We love our furry friends, but keeping an indoor cat means handling their bathroom waste. Litter tracking is part of most cat owners’ lives and is based on each cat’s behavior. If you’re a cat parent, you know litter tracking can be a nuisance. But some accessories help alleviate this, like litter mats.

  • best cat nail clippers
    The 10 Best Cat Nail Clippers

    Shiny Pet

    Outdoor cats typically will have their nails or claws wear down as they walk outside, and climb trees. But indoor cats’ claws don’t wear down as…

  • the best cat trees
    The 7 Best Cat Trees

    Armarkat - 72-inch Cat Tree & Condo

    Cat trees are more than just toys or a place to sleep for a cat, but it actually gives them a host of health benefits including exercise and a hide-out spot. Our cats found the best cat trees on the market which they thought were just purrfect.

  • Upright vacuum cleaners
    The Best Upright Vacuums

    Shark - Apex

    We tested five vacuums in three different apartments with pet owners and parents. We found that the Shark - Apex offers the best control and excellent performance on all the surfaces we tried.

  • best treats dog training
    The 9 Best Dog Treats

    Stewart - Pro-Treat

    Our nine dog judges tested nine dog treats, and they selected Stewart - Pro-Treats as the best for training, and Blue Buffalo - Wilderness Trail Treats as the best dog biscuit.

  • The Best Pet Hair Vacuums

    Shark - NV350

    After testing nine of the best pet hair vacuums on the market, we found that the Shark - NV350 will keep your pet-filled home the cleanest.

  • The Best Automatic Litter Boxes

    Pet Zone - SmartScoop

    After weeks of research and now many years of extensive in-home testing with our top five products, we found the Pet Zone - SmartScoop to be the best automatic litter box. In addition to being automatic, it’s brilliant at the basics: you can use regular litter, it has a familiar open litter box shape and is not disruptive with its quiet cleaning. Our test cats, Kit Kat and Jelly Bean, preferred its familiar, open design and we appreciated its low maintenance and efficient cleaning.